Houston names new teachers, coaches

LOGO HOUSTON School RAMHOUSTON – They are the people who teach in the classrooms, coach on the field and handle administrative duties in the office and they are the most important people in the Houston School District.

The Houston School Board has hired teachers and approved resignations and changes in schools around the district in preparation for the 2013-14 school year.

“These are the people in charge,” said School Board President Bart Munlin. “These are the people who have a direct line to teaching this community’s children.”

Teachers, coaches and principals are contract employees and are offered an annual contract effective from July 1 to June 30 of each school year.

“The people we hire to man the classroom are so important and this is a decision this board takes very seriously,” said Munlin. “I always look for qualified people and people who have integrity, especially those we put in leadership positions.”

Houston School Superintendent, Dr. Steve Coker, said most of the district’s teachers are offered a contract at the end of the year and have 10 days to tell the district if they plan to return in the fall. He explained this process allows the district to fill gaps when a teacher moves to another district and the contract ensures the teacher, coach or administrator will serve the district for the school year.

“We usually have from eight to ten teachers who leave the district each year,” said Coker. “We also have teachers who retire.”

Coker said keeping a good mix of new and veteran teachers is critical to a good school district. He said while you want veterans in the classroom, new teachers with new ideas are also healthy for the district.

“One of the unique things we see in Houston is people who graduate from Houston schools, go to college and get their teaching degree and certificate and then want to come back to Houston to teach,” said Coker. “I think that says a lot about our community and Houston schools.”

Resignations approved by the Houston School Board recently are:

• Keith Jernigan – HHS Softball Coach

• Richard Shirey – HHS Band Director

• Jill Vance – HLES SPED Teacher

• Linda Franks – HLES Teacher

• Bruce Franks – HHS Teacher/Coach

• Leigh Ann Rimmer – Speech Pathologist

• Christine Davis – HUES Teacher

• Josh Robinson – Assistant Band Director

• Quana Ivy – Cross Country Coach

Recommendations for hiring approved by the Houston School Board for the 2013-14 school year are:

• Clayton Dodd – HMS SPED Teacher, Tennis Coach and Assistant Varsity Football Coach

• Jui Londia Mosley – HHS English Teacher (pending proper certification)

• Anna T. Wilson – Speech Teacher

• Patricia Ellison – Assistant Cross Country Coach

• Jeffery Mann – Head Softball Coach

• Lyndsey Jones – Speech Pathologist

• Lisa Wofford – HUES SPED Teacher

• Timothy Cook – HMS SPED Teacher

• Robert Winters – HLES Principal

• Trevor Hampton – HHS Assistant Principal.


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