Houston seeks new police officer


HOUSTON – Houston is a nice, quiet, safe little town and city leaders want to keep it that way.

The Houston Board of Aldermen has voted to advertise for a new police officer and hopes to have that person hired this summer.

Hiring police officers is one of the most important things we do,” said Voyles. “Nothing stops crime like seeing a policeman patrolling a neighborhood.”

Voyles said the post is a full-time position and requires being certified by the Mississippi Law Enforcement Academy and must pass both a background check and drug test. The department is also looking for a part-time officer to round out the roster.

We are trying to find someone who has an interest in youth and would be willing to help us start some programs to reduce juvenile crime,” said Voyles. “It is a patrol position and they will be out in the community and responding to calls every day.”

Voyles said the details and requirements can be obtained by contacting the police department during regular business hours at 456-5065. He said resumes and forms must be mailed to Houston City Hall by June 26.

Voyles said women are being urged to apply for the job.

We are willing to send a candidate to the Police Academy under certain conditions and if we feel they will stay around here,” said Voyles. “What happens with smaller departments is we train someone and then they leave us when they can get a job with a bigger town.”

Houston currently has nine patrol officers, an investigator, two dispatchers and Voyles on the force.

Voyles the department will still be down one position after this hire.

It’s not easy to get qualified and certified policemen to come and work in Houston,” said Voyles. “This would be a good job for a local person who want to start a career in law enforcement and who knows Houston.”

Voyles said the physical requirements of the department and the Police Academy wash out many applicants.

The post requires a high school diploma or equivalent, a clean driving record and be able to operate and use police vehicles and equipment.

We see more crime in the summer and would like to hire immediately, or at least get their training started,” said Voyles. “The same qualifications are required for the part-time position, too.”


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