Community invited to keep up with actvities in facility


HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility has launched a new method of communication – their own website.
Warden Brand Huffman said the site is currently up and lists directions to the facility as well as an employment application that can be completed online.
“With the WIN Job Center in Houston cutting back on hours, we wanted to get the application up so if anyone wants to apply they can do it online,” Huffman said.
He also has plans to add more information about events taking place inside the facility so the public will be aware of activities.
“There’s always something going on,” Huffman said. “With GED classes and they’re about to start a Bible class.”
Sheriff Jimmy Simmons agreed the facility does more than just house inmates.
“That’s why sometimes they have to leave early from working,” Simmons said. “They’re taking drug and alcohol classes or GED or Bible classes.”
The website address is

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