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MUG Floyd Ingram LITTLEThe Tanglefoot Trail opens in mid August and communities up and down trail are planning a party. You are invited.

I don’t think Houston or Houlka or even most of Chickasaw County realizes what the Tanglefoot Trail will do for us.

Tanglefoot Trail has an estimated economic impact of as much as $4.8 million for Northeast Mississippi. Divide that up by the three counties the trail will pass through and you begin to get the picture.

The trail is expected to see up to 100,000 users each year. Those users will shop in our stores, stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants and politely ride away and not cost us anything.

Will Tanglefoot Trail solve all our problems? No, but it’s a good start.

I also believe folks from Houston, Houlka and all parts of Chickasaw County will be the main users of the trail.

We’ll see you at the grand opening Aug. 17.


Solar Car


The Houston Solar Race Team heads to Texas and then to California to race this week.

We hope you will read every crumb you can find about this team in this week’s Chickasaw Journal.

We hope you will keep up with them as they race via their blog, our website and FaceBook. Southern folk have racing in their blood. The Solar Challenge gets it running.

I asked our Solar Race Team on Saturday how many have ever been to Los Angeles. Not one of them raised their hand.

Not only is this world-class, cutting edge technology that splashes Houston, Mississippi’s name across television stations in places like Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Phoenix, 29 Palms, Pasadena and Los Angeles, it is a program that carries our youngsters to each one of these great cities.

There is a big world out there and when it comes to solar car racing, Houston, Mississippi proudly holds the checkered flag.


School driveway


One of the first places I visited when I came to Houston a little more than three years ago was the Middle School.

I bumped across the driveway then and Ingram cars and trucks have bumped down that driveway – twice a day when school is in session – ever since.

It was great to see a local business step up and offer a solution. We know money is tight but we hope our school board can find funds to fix this problem.

We can’t expect excellence in our students if they are surrounded by sub-standard facilities and infrastructure.

Maybe our city and our county can find a way to help with labor and equipment. This is a community problem and our community needs to step up and solve it.




There was a bad fire in Houston last week that destroyed one of the nicer homes in town.

It was not the first bad fire we have had in this community this year.

Let me say right now, the Houston Fire Department is not to blame. If you were at the Pontotoc Street fire you saw these men and women work, sweat and endanger their lives to put out that fire.

Let me remind you Houston is a volunteer fire department and the next time you want to gripe, you need to first get a little training, snap on a pager and pick up a hose the next time the siren goes off.

I hope this town realizes tax-dollars invested in police and fire protection is money well spent.

Let’s get behind our emergency services. The people we will help will be our neighbors and ourselves.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com


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