Franklin matches Solar Car fundraising efforts

HOUSTON – The Houston Solar Race Team has spent the last year hosting fundraising events and soliciting sponsors for their upcoming race and has met their budget goals.

The team hosted several events and the Sundancer Steering Committee sent out the call for sponsors and donations and received some extra help from a local business.
Franklin Corporation pledged to match funds raised in the local community up to $10,000 and the community rose to the challenge. Hank Franklin presented the check to team member Kristen Marsh Monday, rounding out the budget for the race from Texas to Los Angeles next week.
“We’re fortunate and glad that we can have a small part of what goes into it,” said Franklin, of the 12-time National Championship solar racing program and the team members that keep bringing home the trophies. “The program is so successful and it’s an example that good things can be accomplished.”
Marsh said the response from the community was very positive.
“This trip could not be possible without the support of our community and steering committee,” Marsh said. “It makes us feel proud we live in Houston and happy that we can represent our town.”
The Houston Solar Race Team is comprised of students from Houston High School and those who utilize the Houston School of Science and Technology and is under the direction of instructors Keith Reese, Anita Ellison and Donna Turman. The program is alloted $3,000 annual funding through the district budget and team members, along with steering committee members, work throughout the year to acquire additional funding for events like the annual Solar Challenge.

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