13th win for Houston Solar Team

The offical results are in and the Houston Solar Race Team claimed their 13th consecutive National Title in the Solar Challenge.

The team traveled from Forth Worth, Texas, to Los Angeles, Calif., rolling up 791.9 of an available 853.5 total driving miles, setting a personal best and out-running all other competeting teams in every racing division.
The team also picked up the Chris Jones award for displaying the highest level of sportsmanship.
The team will fly back to Houston in the next few days while the Sundancer solar car will trailer back to Mississippi.

“We broke our driving record with a total of 791.9 miles. We had a very long trip that started and ended with a bang. Thank you to every one who helped support and encouraged us; we could not have done it with out you all. A special thanks to all the team members for making this the most successful year.”
From the Sundancer Blogspotsun trophy