Jim Hood to open state office in Houston

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood (AP)

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood (AP)

By Bobby Harrison
Daily Journal Jackson Bureau


JACKSON – Attorney General Jim Hood says he is moving his family back to his native Chickasaw County and opening “a little, one-man office” on the square in Houston where he will perform his official duties.

Hood said he would work in Jackson some of most weeks, “but I learned during the last campaign that with a iPad, iPhone and modern communications you don’t have to be in Jackson to run the office.”
Hood, Mississippi’s only Democratic statewide elected official, said Tuesday that he had intended to commute back to Chickasaw County when he first was elected attorney general in 2003. But with three then-small children, he and his wife, Debbie, decided it would be better to purchase a home in the Jackson area so he could be home every night.

Still, Hood never hid the fact that he liked being back in Chickasaw County, where he often was on the weekends.

He stressed that the move does not mean he will not seek re-election in 2015 or that he would not be as aggressive as attorney general.

“I told my staff when I announced this to them in May that if anyone asks, I am running for re-election,” he said, adding he loves being attorney general because “it is the best job in state government. You do not have to seek permission from anyone else to go after the bad guy.”

But the Houston High graduate conceded he could opt to run for another post in 2015.

Hood said there are investigators from his office located in north Mississippi and his office in Houston can serve as a base of operation for them. He said he will operate out of an office in his father’s building. Hood said it is the same office he used when he served as district attorney for District 3, which consists of seven counties with Chickasaw County being on the southeastern end of the district.

“Some people said I needed to rent space, but why should I get the state to pay for space when I can get it for free?” he asked, adding he already has an office on the Gulf Coast and always believed one also should be in north Mississippi.

Hood said several factors helped him decide to move back to Chickasaw County. He said his oldest daughter is entering Itawamba Community College in nearby Fulton, and his son, who is entering the 10th grade, enjoys being on the farm Hood owns north of Houston. When a home was put up for sale on the edge of the land, he decided it was time to make the move. Plus, he said he wanted to be closer to his parents to provide them help.

Hood said he is re-entering the Sunday school class at First Baptist of Houston where he was a member when elected attorney general in 2003.

“It is kind of like a time warp,” he said. “I am back in the same Sunday School class, but everybody is 10 years older. We all had young kids. Now they are getting ready for college.”


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