EDITORIAL: Slow down


Classes begin across Chickasaw County this week and if you drive a vehicle we expect you to slow down and be ever mindful that kids are back on the street.

Those big yellow school buses are painted that color for a reason and even a glimpse of that shade should shout caution to any responsible driver.

Houston Town Marshal Billy Voyles reminded local motorists that the fines for driving dangerously around a school bus are hefty.

He also pointed out law enforcement and judges traditionally show no mercy for those caught driving carelessly around school buses.

He said his department will have extra patrols around schools the first few weeks of class and this is the only warning motorists will get.

“Slow down,” said Voyles.

This newspaper would like to go further and add that anyone who spots motorist driving dangerously around school buses or in school zones should contact authorities immediately. All you need to do is get a tag number, brief description and quietly call 911.

Houston, Okolona and Houlka law enforcement have all said they will check into it immediately.

Speed bumps have been installed around Houlka Attendance Center with the hope of getting motorist to slow down. And while we question whether speed bumps actually improve safety, we have been told they will remain in place until motorist slow down.

Houston has speed bumps and a driveway desperately in need of repair. We warn you to slow down!

We encourage motorist to leave a little early when taking kids to school. Please make sure seatbelts are buckled, the radio is turned down and your mind is on getting your kids to school safely.

It is the intention of law enforcement, school officials and this newspaper to do everything in our power to have a safe school year.

Statistics from the National Safety Council indicate that a reduction in speed of just 10 miles per hour would alleviate an estimated 40-percent of auto accidents.

So before you gripe about speed bumps, driveway potholes or carry your ticket to court seeking justice – Slow down!

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