Good schools, good communities

MUG Floyd Ingram LITTLE

All schools in Chickasaw County start this week.

For the first time in over 12 years Ingrams only have one young man in local schools.

Schools are so critical the quality of life of any town. Good communities have good schools.

I can’t say enough about the Houston Solar Car team’s 13th consecutive victory in the Solar Car Challenge.

They won it in classic NASCAR racing fashion: Get out front, stay out front, hope nothing breaks.

They drove from Fort Worth to Los Angeles and didn’t even have a flat. They led all competitors by 39 miles at the end of racing on Day One and 82 miles at the end of Day Two.

The world followed Sundancer to the Golden State.

Congratulations on bringing honor and recognition to Houston every step of the way.

We understand that prior to last week’s race a team from another school was talking trash. Yak was the competition had a car that could do 100-miles-an-hour and how they were going to stomp the rednecks from Mississippi.

The ladies and gentlemen from the Hospitality State

We also understand once racing started our Sundancers gave that team one of their daily winner trophies.

Did we mention our team also earned the Chris Jones Trophy for the displaying the highest level of sportsmanship.

Team Sundancer, you are a true class act.

As long as Houston continues to lose population your property taxes will continue to go up.

It’s simple supply and demand.

The fewer people you have living in your community the fewer people you have to share the tax burden. We need to make a conscious effort to make people want to move here.

The Houston School District website was down last week.

They did call us and say if you want details and to register for free lunch you could go to and punch in your zip code and get the same results.

We urge Houston, Okolona and Houlka to keep their websites running with easy to find, current information.

The first place people moving to town visit is the local school website. We need to make a good first impression.

We were glad to see a crackdown on curfews in Houston.

Kids wandering our streets after 11 p.m. are up to no good.

We expect to get our first anonymous letter asking to us “investigate” bullying issues at local schools by the third week of class.

We urge parents to call the Mississippi Department of Education at 601-359-3513 before they call us. We are glad to check out your complaint but we don’t do it without knowing your name and phone number.

School test scores will be coming out in a week or two.

It will be interesting to see how Okolona, Houston and Chickasaw County stack up.

If Okolona flunks again they will probably face consolidation. And the question is “With who?”

Houston? Houlka? Aberdeen? Nettleton?

If all school property is posted as a “tobacco free environment,” where do teachers go to smoke? Can teachers get in trouble if they bring a pack of cigarettes or a can of snuff to school?

While I only have one son in local schools, Sara and I now have two in college.

Your prayers and a financial donation to the Ingram Plantation would be appreciated.

Seriously, I have always felt sending kids off to college squeezes the heart more than first grade ever did.

I find it disheartening to hear parents talk about their kid getting a job after high school. Mississippi is the only state I know of that guarantees your child the first two years of a college education.

More parents need to push their kids to plan for college and use this opportunity.

The first day of school always holds so much promise. That’s because education holds so much promise to us all.

Good parents push their kids to be good students. Good students make good schools. And good schools . . . now you have learned to see the bigger picture.

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