LETTER TO EDITOR: Walter Chandler

BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stockKind people made my day on a recent Tupelo trip

Dear Editor,

After attending church services at the Okolona First Baptist Church on July 28, I drove to Tupelo to do my grocery shopping.

Upon arriving in Tupelo, I stopped at the Thomas Street post office to mail some letters. As I was leaving the post office, I noticed a lady behind me so I held the door open for her. She thanked me and said, “Not many men do that anymore.”
I told her that I was from the old school and have a lot of respect for women. She asked me if she could give me a hug. My answer was “you certainly may.” I told the lady that I love people.

After a nice visit with this lady who lives in Shannon but has a business in Tupelo, I drove to Walmart on West Main. I secured a motorized shopping cart to make my shopping easier as I have neuropathy in my legs from being a diabetic for 25 years.

I was wearing my black cap that has on the front “World War II Veteran-I Served with Pride” in gold letters. A young man told me he appreciated my service and asked me where I served. I told him that I served 15 months on a ship in the Asiatic Pacific theater in the naval amphibious force.

I got under way in my cart shopping and was enjoying my day. I got to the area where they keep their bottles of diet Lipton tea. It is always on the bottom shelf. I reached over my cart to get the tea but could not reach it. A nice sweet lady with a smile on her face asked me if she could get the tea for me that I wanted. The shelf was so low and the tea was located so far back on the shelf that she had to get down on her knees to reach for the tea with no success as they were out of stock. I thanked the lady and told her how nice she was to get down on her knees on the floor to help find the tea. She smiled and said that she was happy to help me.

After checking out at Walmart, I went to Kroger to shop. I rode my motorized cart up near the coolers where the milk was. A fine looking high-type lady came up and said, “How are you doing Mr. Chandler?”

Then an outstanding young man about 14 years old with her who was probably her grandson, with a smile on his face, asked if he could get the gallon of milk out of the cooler for me. I thanked him but told him that I could stand up and get it, and I told him that he did not know how much I appreciated his offering to do this for me. The friendliness and kindness of these nice people made my day!

Walter Chandler
Okolona, Miss.

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