4-H lifts off at space camp

For the second year, members of Chickasaw County 4-H spent a week learning about different properties of physics and chemistry and having a blast doing it.
A grant from Mississippi State University funded the 20-hour camp and about 20 children and youth enjoyed various activities, including Maddox Clouse’s favorite.
“We made homemade ice cream in a bag,” Clouse said with a smile.
The program is modeled on NASA Space camp and participants learned to make two kinds of rockets, soda can hero engines and bubble blowers among other projects.
“They also learned there has to be a cloud to have rain,” said 4-H Program Associate Angie Abrams, explaining an experiment that combined water and shaving cream.
“The moisture in the clouds causes the rain,” Abrams said.
The campers split into groups to create towers of raw spaghetti and marshmallows, an experiment that utlized concepts of engineering.
The conclusion of camp was a competition to see which student could construct the most durable launch pad out of styrofoam cups, cardboard, rubber bands and index cards.
“We’re going to drop them from different heights and see if the astronauts (marshmallows) stay in the cup,” said Dr. Bill Burdine.
At the conclusion of the experiment, Clouse’s launch was the most successful, with all marshmallows remaining in the cup from a drop of three feet.web spacecamp

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