Tractor overturns on Trail


HOUSTON – Emergency crews got their first call for help on the Tanglefoot Trail last week when a tractor mowing right-of-way tipped over and injured the driver.
Houston firefighters and ambulance crews were called by 911 at 3:07 p.m., Wednesday and initially had trouble determining where the accident was. Radio traffic helped pinpoint the location and emergency crews were on the scene at 3:10 p.m.
“It was a tractor pulling a bush-hog and it appears he came to a part of the trail with steep slopes and got stuck,” said Capt. Jason Davis, of the Houston Fire Department. “When they tried to pull it out, it tipped over with him on it.”
The tractor rolled onto the driver and on down the slope where it rolled back on its wheels and drove off into a nearby field leaving the driver hurt on the side of the berm. A fellow worker stopped the run-away tractor and called 911.
More than a dozen city and county law enforcement personnel responded and were needed to get the driver on a backboard and up the slope to the trail and an awaiting ambulance.
The driver of the tractor was identified only as Santos and he was working as a contractor for Glasgow Construction, prime contractor for the Tanglefoot Trail. He was transported by ambulance to Trace Regional Hospital in stable condition with back injuries.
“We were fortunate the accident was not worse than it was,” said Davis. “It did point out the need for signage on the Trail so people can tell us where they are if they need help.”
The Tanglefoot Trail was slated to open Aug. 17, but final construction – including signage – has not been completed and has delayed the opening.
The public is reminded to stay off the trail until it is completed and officially opened.