Hot enough for ya?

web heat With temperatures in the mid-90s and heat indexes making it feel even hotter, local football coaches are taking extra efforts to make sure their players stay safe during practice.

But how do they condition their team for the humidity of a southern summer?
“You don’t,” smiled Rob Allen of Houlka. “You can’t condition someone for a heat index of 105.”
Allen said practice still has to go on but certain preventative measures can be taken.
“We keep water at every station,” Allen said. “And I do what my trainer, Ray Brown, tells me to. Every 20 to 25-minutes, we pull them out of the sun to water.”
Okolona coach Jack Clark said as the summer gets hotter, he ramps up the running.
“We run pretty hard and push a little harder every day (in the earlier summer months),” Clark said. “We do a lot of that hoping if you run them hard it gets their lungs prepared. We cut down on work out time and do more running toward the end and just hope when you get to the first practice, they’re ready.”
Trainers and health care providers push water, water, water to keep players hydrated and coaches are careful to keep plenty of liquids on hand. But Houston coach William Cook also said conditioning has to be an ongoing process that begins at home.
“You have to build up for it before you get on the field,” Cook said. “You can’t spend the weekend drinking cokes and kool-aid and come out here.”