EDITORIAL: Tidy up the Trail


Tanglefoot Trail will officially open in September with a steady flow of people walking, hiking and biking this path to and from Houston.

Trail advocates have estimated it could see up to 100,000 users each year as word of this tourism draw spreads. That same study estimates Tanglefoot Trail could have an estimated economic impact of as much as $4.8 million for Northeast Mississippi.

Estimates are just that, but the opportunity for Houston to grow and benefit immensely from Tanglefoot Trail are very real.

The Chickasaw Journal believes taxpayers and businesses have bought into the trail and support it wholeheartedly.

It is now our wish for the commercial, industrial and residential areas of our community to catch the same spirit.

Houston’s Aldermen have forced homeowners to clean up their property and that has benefitted us all. Now is the time for property owners along the trail to take a long hard look and tidy up.

A neater and cleaner Houston benefits us all in the form of higher property values, less crime and the pride of living in a well-kept neighborhood.

Those same returns await our commercial and industrial neighbors who “Tidy up the Trail.”

Tanglefoot Trail runs through three north Mississippi counties – Union, Pontotoc and Chickasaw. The Trail begins at Main Street in New Albany and rolls 44 miles south to end at Church Street in Houston.

We have a definite need to clean up our main entrances to the Trail. The area may seem fine and normal to those who have looked at it for years, but it leaves less than a good first impression on those driving in for the first time.

Recycling is the wave of the future and much of that junk has value, if you’ll make the effort to truck it to a recycling center. And, yes, some of it has no value and just needs to be hauled off or least moved where no one can see it.

Take a little pride in your town. The rewards will make us all smile and be proud that Tanglefoot Trail begins and ends in Houston.


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