Eagles lose steam in second half

Despite a strong start in their first game of the season, the Hebron Eagles couldn’t sustain the momentum of the first half and dropped 14-26 to visiting Victory Christian Aug. 23.
The Eagles had a productive first half with Trey Chism setting up the first touchdown off a 66-yard run that left the Eagles on Victory’s six-yard line.
“He scored on his next carry,” said coach David Foster.
The conversion pass from Channing Tapley to Hayden Carty was good, giving the Eagles eight points on the board.
In the second quarter, Justin Gordon ran one in from 21-yards out for the second TD and a 14-12 Hebron lead at the half.
But injuries and conditioning took their toll in the second half of the contest.
“We had several guys who were dinged up a little bit,” Foster said. “We moved some guys around and some were playing in spots they hadn’t really practiced in.”
The shuffling came from necessity after both Hebron safeties hit the sidelines with injuries, and the lack of cross-training hurt the Eagles.
“I’ll have to take that one for my decision,” Foster said. “We’re going to work on that.”
Cramping issues took some more momentum from the Hebron boys in the second half.
“We just never got going again,” Foster said. “We’ve got several things to work on and we’ll try to get better every game. I’ve got several things to work on myself.”
The Eagles will be on the road this Friday to Humphreys Academy in Belzoni.hebron Eagle