New year, new experiences

CJ-0828-parashay-2CMy name is Parashay Hamilton and I am a senior at Houston High School.

I’m in a lot of different clubs and organizations but one of the organizations that I’m most active in is the Topper TV Committee. I’ve been on Topper TV since my freshman year of high school and I love putting the new skills that I learn to use helping out with clubs, plays, pageants, various school activities and our sponsor, Mrs. Angela Chandler. Without Mrs. Chandler, I wouldn’t know half of the recording, computer and software knowledge that I know today.
By the second week of school, I was ready to get my hands on a camera and start recording. My wish finally came true! On Aug. 23, I did my first filming for the year. I recorded the pep rally at Houston High School for the very first time.
I was so excited but a little nervous since it was my first time recording the pep rally. I didn’t want to make a horrible video and I definitely did not want to disappoint Mrs. Chandler. I must admit, recording the pep rally was so exciting and just absolutely amazing! Mrs. Chandler was there to help me through the whole experience and give me extra pointers on recording. This is my fourth year in Topper TV and every year the experience becomes better and better.
The pep rally was so much fun to record. It was Houston High School’s very first pep rally of the year so everyone was super excited to see the football players, watch the cheerleaders perform their stunts, try to win the spirit stick and, most importantly, support our Toppers!
Everyone was pumped and ready to support our Toppers and it was great to see all of the posters, signs, hair paintings, face paintings and T-shirt designs representing each class from a different point of view. Then came the moment that every grade was waiting for – dominating the pep rally by winning the spirit stick. Everyone definitely showed their spirit and every grade was so loud, it was hard for the cheerleaders to decide who won, but the seniors stood out by earning the spirit stick.
At every pep rally, the cheerleaders have a game for members of the student body. This time, it was a bandana-balloon game. Two students from each grade stood at opposite ends and one was blindfolded and has to walk to the other end carrying a banana and holding a balloon between their legs. It was so funny to see my classmates struggle to carry the balloons without dropping or popping them.
At every pep rally, there is the introduction of the game’s captains. The captains for the first game were Austin Burdine, Zach White, Nathan Smith and Chapman Boyer. They each gave words of enthusiasm that got the whole student body psyched about going to the game.
At the end of every pep rally, the seniors join in with the football players to sing the Alma Mater accompanied by the Topper Pride band.
The whole experience for me was mind-blowing. Seeing everyone from a video point of view was so different since I’m used to being mixed with my classmates in the bleachers, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
I got an up-close and personal view of the pep rally and I learned even more tips and skills for my recording experiences that may occur in the future.

Parashay Hamilton is a senior at Houston High School and a student intern at the Chickasaw Journal for the 2013-14 academic year. She can be reached at 456-3771.

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