Two hurt, one dead in camper fire

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HOUSTON – Two teenagers have been seriously burned and a third has died in an early morning fire in Chickasaw County.

Authorities are not releasing the name of the fatality or the other two victims pending notification of next or kin, but did say the fatality was a 16-year-old male and the other two burned in the fire were age 16 and 14.

“All three were airlifted to a Jackson hospital and one of the boys did pass away,” said Chickasaw County Coroner Andy Harmon. “We have been unable to talk to the other two boys and all the families were enroute to the hospital this (Saturday) morning.”

Chickasaw County Fire Investigator James Myers said what caused the fire at 4 a.m., in a camper off of County Road 92 in the Arbor Grove Community has not been determined.

“One of the boys apparently got out and ran to a neighbor’s house and they carried them to Trace Regional Hospital in Houston,” said Myers. “They were treated there and three landing zones were set up – one at the hospital and two at the Walmart parking lot nearby.”

Myers said Houston Fire Department and South East Volunteer Fire Department were dispatched to the fire and put out the blaze.

“They were apparently camping out and somehow a fire got started,” said Myers. “One of the youngsters looks like he is going to make it but the other boy is in pretty bad shape.”

This is the second fatal fire in Chickasaw County in a month.

Carolyn Buggs, 76, of 177 County Road 242 north of Houlka died when her trailer caught on fire Aug. 22.

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