FLOYD INGRAM: A fat little paper

MUG Floyd Ingram LITTLEI saw a sign recently in a Tupelo dress store that said, “Thin may be in, but fats’ where it’s at.”

There seems to be a trend to a more “healthy” look among fashion conscious females.

I hope that trend applies to today’s Chickasaw Journal.

You hold in your hand one big fat paper filled with information on the Flywheel Festival, Made in Chickasaw County, the Tanglefoot Trail and Keep That Card.

One of the secrets to a successful newspaper is having a little something for everyone. This week’s Chickasaw Journal follows that model.


Flywheel Festival


Houston has been doing the Flywheel Festival for 32 years and they have gotten very good at it.

The challenge now is to market this event to the rest of Northeast Mississippi and the entire Southeast.

This event will see people come here from all over the Magnolia State and even as far away as Iowa and Florida.

This event is pure Houston. Its roots run deep from the anvil shoot and antique displays to hometown vendors and local musical talent.

I have never seen any major problems at the Flywheel Festival. It always seems to put people in a good mood and portray Houston in a good light.

And it always brings people to town with money in their pocket.

Come on out Friday night or Saturday morning. Get some ice-cream or a funnel cake and don’t worry about your waistline.


Made in Chickasaw


One of the joys of being in the newspaper business is being invited to see places most of you never go.

I have said for years that people drive buy local factories everyday and rarely know what they do inside those four walls. Most of us probably don’t realize we have a neighbor or acquaintance who works in one of these factories.

We featured International Paper and Collums Furniture in our Made in Chickasaw County special edition this fall.

I was impressed with the state-of-the-art equipment found at International Paper. It really is high tech and they really do run a safe and efficient shop.

I was also impressed with the people I met at Collums Furniture. The people working the line smiled as I asked them about their job. Line work is physically demanding and not easy. It was neat to hear the people at Collums Furniture talk about their profession in a manner that showed a lot of pride in their work.

I want to thank the Collums and IP for letting me come in and tell the story of what you really mean to Chickasaw County.




The Tanglefoot Trail is officially open for business and that business is already headed this way.

I was out early Saturday morning and, as I drove under the Highway 8 railroad bridge, a pair of cyclist in spandex pants rolled across the top.

I noticed another group peddling through Houston later that day.

And my Facebook page asked Sunday morning if anyone knew were to find a 3-wheel bike for an older cyclist.

This is still America and the successful people in this world have learned how to capitalize on a new opportunity.

The Tanglefoot Trail is one of those new opportunities. It will change Houston. And it will change us all for the better.


Keep that Card


Where do you go to find an electrician, accountant, flowers, a dress, home appliances, used car or quilts?

In this tightly held service market, you have to have a business card to catch a potential customer. I am repeatedly amazed at the people in this small town who don’t have a clue about the services and products offered in Houston and Chickasaw County.

And I would like to point out that applies to funeral home that are featured in our Keep That Card special product. Yes, we will all need their services and, yes, it always pays to shop around – no matter what you are buying.

We would also like to point out Keep That Card is being distributed in Woodland, Houlka, Pontotoc, Okolona, New Albany, Houston and even Ripley.

The poet Robert Browning said a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.

We are glad a fat little ole Chickasaw Journal can help local businesses and our readers reach a little farther.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com


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