LETTER: Walter Chandler

BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stockEndless interventions rob U.S. of its treasure


Dear Editor,

I will start by telling you what I think of the situation in America as of May 15, 2012. As of Dec. 18, 2011, the total number of our servicemen killed in the Iraq nine-year war was 4,474 and the number wounded in action was 32,226 in the Iraq war.

The United States has spent $800 billion for the cost of the nine-year war. These costs are a drop in the bucket to the cost of medical care and compensation for the men who will require medical care at the government’s expense for the remainder of their lives. With the United States broke, we should have invested the money spent on the war to improve America.

Then after Iraq we sent troops to Afghanistan to fight and get killed in a country where Russia and many other countries saw that nothing was going to be accomplished by war there and they pulled their troops out. We need to give our servicemen a rest and bring them all home from Afghanistan. The United States is spending $2 billion a week for the war in Afghanistan.

Off and on ever since I came home in June 1946 from Japan after World War II, we have stuck our noses in every country’s business and sent our fine young servicemen into too many wars trying to police the whole world.

I could write, but I won’t, many more pages about how disturbed I am with our senators, representatives and presidents past and present for sending our troops to wars.


Robert Walter Chandler

U.S. Navy Veteran, World War II

Okolona, Miss.


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