LISA VOYLES: One down, a lifetime to go


The summer home improvement project is complete!
Ok, so that’s a tiny little fib. It’s not quite complete but it’s close enough to count and mark off the list.
Our summer project was to paint the outside of our house, facia board, wood trim, shutters and doors. We started this right after school was out in May. As of the first day of fall, Sept. 21, I declare it done.
Yes, there’s still a little trim work and touching up left, but overall it’s more finished than not.
And yes, it took all summer long to get it done. Life gets in the way sometimes.
Some of you have seen us out there, working in the hot summer sun. And some of you were kind enough to send your regards out the car windows. But let me lay your worries to rest. Trust me, I do know I missed a spot and there are plenty more of them you can’t see from the street. Of course, if you want to put it in park, I can find you a brush and we’ll “Tom Sawyer” this thing right on through.
No takers? Yep, that’s what I thought.
Cody and I worked together on the brunt of the work. He was on the extension ladder working under the roof and I was on the ground with the roller.
Once we got the major portions done, he opted out of the trim work, but he did replace the shingles we lost last winter.
If mama is working, everybody in the house is working.
We still have the doors and a bit to got, but overall, I’m very happy with the results. I didn’t realize how brown, faded and dull the paint had gotten until we covered it up with new, bright and shiny colors.
The only problem I see with finishing a project is there’s always another one waiting to be started.
I promised Cody we wouldn’t do anything else outside until next spring, but he knows I’m lying. There will be holes to be dug for fall planting and shrub work is waiting now. But I figure if we lived through house painting without killing each other, we should be able to plant some bulbs.
On to the next project! Go, team, go!

Lisa Voyles is Managing Editor for the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771 or via email to

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