Hebron falls to Delta

The Eagles went head-to-head with the Delta Academy Raiders and came up just one touchdown short in a defensive battle on the road.
Delta scored in the first quarter on a 27-yard run and both teams rocked back and forth in the second with neither putting points on the board.
“In the first half, they lined up and ran,” said coach David Foster. “They like to run outside and we pretty much stopped that. Our kids stepped up on defense.”
Foster credited quarterback Channing Tapley and utility player Jessie Moore as unsung heroes on defense.
“They played on defensive end and controlled the outside sweep,” Foster said. “That was our goal, don’t let them get to the outside edge. They turned them back in and did a good job all night. They made them run up the middle.”
The Raiders took a 14-0 lead in the third off a 65-yard TD pass, but the Eagles’ offense dug in to light up the board.
A Hebron fumble that could have been detrimental turned into a positive as Andrew Myatt scooped it up and ran in a 22-yard TD and Landon Hill’s conversion was good to close the gap to 8-14.
The Raiders scored once more in the fourth on a 34-yard pass, but Hebron was still pushing foward.
Justin Gordon got a 65-yard run across the goal line and Hill made the conversion good again to pull within one touchdown of the Raiders before time ran out on the field.
“It was a hard-hitting game,” Foster said. “Delta is a good team, but we played them pretty well. They had good defense and ours played well, too. A lot of things go into making up the game. They like to run the power plays and sweep but we shut that down pretty well, had a lot of gang tackles to stop the sweep.”

Moving forward
The Eagles will host Strider Academy (0-5, 0-2) and Foster is already looking ahead past last week’s loss.
“You can’t worry about the score,” Foster said. “You just have to play the game. We got punched in the mouth, but we didn’t lay down. Our kids kept coming back.”hebron Eagle