FLOYD INGRAM: A hint of fall and change

FRO6__MUG_Floyd_Ingram_0031We have 40-plus trees at my house and as I sat on the porch Saturday morning I couldn’t look out across the yard without watching a leaf slowly spin to the ground.

It’s late September and while it isn’t fall just yet, it is the season to check the goals and direction for this year. Autumn is a season to ponder the change the year has brought and look at adjusting to the days ahead.

The economy continues to jerk and while sales have slowed, most of us are looking forward to a strong holiday season. The rain has helped most farmers and fall gardeners. Hunting season has just gotten started.

It is so easy to get busy making hay during the long days of summer that we forget to look ahead and plan for what’s down the road.


Fall Flywheel Festival


The 32 Annual Mississippi Valley Fall Flywheel Festival was held this past weekend.

This festival is perfectly timed with the harvest season.

Old tractors, old ways and old men were on display in Joe Brigance Park. There were bounce houses, food and crafts and the merry go round for the younger set.

Plans now begin for the Spring show. Let’s get behind our Flywheel Festival and make Houston proud.


Football Friday


The Toppers are having a tough go of it this fall.

I think last year’s stellar season has ruined a few of us. We got a taste of success and that sweetness still lingers.

I never tell a coach that winning isn’t everything during the season. Their careers hinge on a winning record. I can’t imagine putting my livelihood in the hands of a teenager every Friday night in the fall.

And let me be the first to say I hate losing, too.

But there is life after football and our Toppers are learning a lot about things they will face in the adult world. “Third and long” means something to anyone who has ever touched a pigskin. “Dig in,” “reach deep” and “leave it all on the field,” are all football expressions these young men will remember the rest of their lives.

Let me point out the season is far from over. Division play starts Friday night and your Toppers need you now more than ever.

We’ll see you at the game.


Change always comes


I once had a Mississippi mayor tell me “Things either get better or they get worse. And they only get better if we all work to make it better.”

Pushing a community in a given direction is not an easy task.

I repeatedly watch city officials wrestle with decisions and then have everybody and their momma and daddy throw rocks. I tease them and say that’s why the job pays so well. School Board members have heard the same joke.

Seriously, it’s tough to take a stand in public office. I think that has prompted many of this community’s best leaders to stay away from public service.

I hope this town will start pondering change. I hope the real leaders in our community will step up and rally us to make the best decisions.

I think we all agree Houston is a great place to live. But it’s only that way because people worked very hard and made some very tough decisions years ago.

Fall is a season of change. Let’s enjoy today and plan carefully for seasons ahead.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com



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