Rams making progress

Despite taking a loss to the Thrasher Rebels, Vardaman coach Larry Gann sees positive changes taking place on the field.
“We played better,” Gann said. “Our execution was better and a couple of our kids really stepped up.”
Gann pointed to Chase Owens’ interception and Brandon Washington’s control at quarterback as two of the brighter spots in the Rams bout with Thrasher.
The Rebels got on the board first with Luke Walden’s four-yard run but the Rams matched it with Washington’s three-yard push across the goal line.
Thrasher went up by a touchdown in the second quarter off J.T. Huddleston’s run and they extended their lead in the third on a safety and a Harley Hester TD.
Still the Rams battled back with Quon Cummings snagging an eight-yard pass from Washington for a score.
In the fourth, Thrasher tacked on two more touchdowns from Blake Weatherbee and Huddletston, but the Rams didn’t back down.
Brandon Walker completed a drive with a two-yard push and Tavis Townsend made the conversion run good. Walker also hit Kent Casey from 21-yards out for a touchdown and Townsend got the passing conversion to move the Rams within 11, but time was not on their side and they took a 39-28 loss.
“We’ve still got some work to do on both sides and our pass protection,” Gann said. “But for all four quarters Friday night, that was the best effort we’ve had in any ball game this season. They played all game and I was pleased with the effort. I always say if you’re going full speed, I can live with a few mistakes.”
The Rams will host Biggersville (1-5, 0-3) Friday with Homecoming festivities held pre-game at 6 p.m.
With half the division schedule behind and half still to come, the Rams are hoping to claim a win over the Lions to help turn a corner.web vard foot