EDITORIAL: CDF seeking change


Everybody is for progress, but no one wants to change.

That mindset is just as true in New York City and Washington D.C., as it is in Houston, Mississippi.

Things in this world don’t change unless someone gets out of their comfort zone and goes about the hard work of making a difference in the world. It is so easy and comfortable to accept things as they are and not make the effort to change things for the better.

This newspaper is excited to say there are those in Chickasaw County who want to make a difference. We are proud to say there are those in Chickasaw County who have seen a better future and want change for this part of the world.

The Chickasaw Development Foundation will host an important meeting at the Houston Civic Center on Tuesday, Oct. 15, to look at our community. The meeting is see CDF membership vote on a new mission statement.

This newspaper is a firm believer in mission statements. It keeps us all focused on the mission. It stops others from trying to carry us someplace we might not want to go.

While there are a lot of good things going on in Chickasaw County, we are also faced with a number of problems that are gradually sucking the pleasure out of living in this area.

It’s time to take a hard look at what is going on around here. It is time to look at some cold, hard facts.

It comes as no surprise that we need more retail in this community. We need to improve the quality of life. We need to get more people involved in solving these and a number of other problems in our county.

This meeting is an opportunity to make good things happen. It is an opportunity to work for a better future.

Organizers of this event have worked hard to make this a meeting that is open to all, but only CDF members will be allowed to vote. If you are not a CDF member you may want to consider becoming one.

Things must change in Chickasaw County and the leadership and members of the Chickasaw Development Foundation know that. They realize so much is at stake and the only way change will come is we all roll up our sleeves and work together.

Our world changes every day.

Tuesday’s meeting is your chance to make things change for the better in Chickasaw County.


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