FLOYD INGRAM: A quick look around town


Community newspapers like the Chickasaw Journal are not geared to cover national news.

But both the federal government shutdown and Affordable Care Act touched this community this week. Look for details on both these stories on Page One of today’s paper.

I will be the first to say I don’t understand the high finance of insurance or the political wranglings of Washington politics.

We do know people who work for the City of Houston and others who have been touched by the closing of federal offices.

Your Chickasaw Journal covers this community like the dew.

We are proud to bring you these two high-profile stories this week.

• • •

The Chickasaw Journal covered our last two football homecomings Friday night.

We may not have the best football teams around here this year, but we still have the prettiest girls in the country.

• • •

Have you noticed how much traffic there is on at the corner Madison and Jackson streets from noon until about 5:30 p.m.?

I usually park across the street and have found myself dodging log trucks and cars full of kids most afternoons to get to an assignment.

Our downtown businesses need to find a way to get these potential customers in their store.

• • •

We took in the Chickasaw County Rodeo Saturday night and had a blast.

Our very own Lisa Voyles took top honors in the Celebrity Sorting event.

The Agri-Center is a true asset to this county and we need to find more events for this facility.

• • •

They are still cutting soybeans and if the ground ever dries out they will finish digging taters.

First it was cold and wet for a late spring and then it got dry in August.

We did a story just before the hot weather hit this summer and it looked like local farmers would have a pretty good year.

Most of the folk I know are still saying this year’s crop looks good.

We’ll hope for the best.

• • •

The Tanglefoot Trail is open and going strong.

I saw four cyclist cross the intersection at Franklin Industries Saturday morning. There were about a dozen cars parked at the site of the future Gateway south of the railroad overpass, too.

Houlka has already seen two businesses open with the idea of pulling customers off the trail.

Houston will probably see one open before Christmas.

• • •

Houlka will host the Cornbread Festival on Saturday.

I love cornbread so we will probably load up the Ingram Boys and fill them up, up there.

I also got to cover the Houlka Board of Aldermen last week.

That is a tight-knit community that values good neighbors and is always looking to have a good time.

• • •

Our Chickasaw Development Foundation will host an important meeting next week.

If you are not a member of the CDF, you should be. It is one organization in this town that is working to make your life a little better.

People always moan and groan about what their chamber is or is not doing.

I’ve always felt it was better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Bring your candle and a match to Tuesday’s meeting. We are going to make this community shine!

• • •

The opening day of deer season is 45 days away for me.

I don’t swat mosquitoes when I hunt deer and I don’t own a bow.

I may carry my youngest boy hunting on Nov. 9, but things get serious for me on Nov. 23.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com


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