Rams fall to Cougars

The Rams’ season hit another stumbling block in the Coldwater Cougars Friday night and an injury scare didn’t help things along.
Vardaman’s Robert Smith left the game heading for medical attention but coach Larry Gann reported things weren’t as serious as originally thought.
“He got a hard hit,” Gann said, but Smith was checked out at Baptist Hospital-DeSoto County and later released.
“I talked to him early Saturday morning,” Gann said.
The decision to err on the side of caution also brought an end to the ball game.
“There was only 2:55 left to go, on fourth down and he was our punter,” Gann said of the decision. The Rams were trailing 50-12 which was the final score.
Gann’s team has battled this season, working through inexperience and fighting some tough teams in division 1A.
“We’ve got to do everything right,” Gann said of the level of competition. “One missed block and the play is dead. One missed tackle and they’re heading to score.”
The Rams posted 12 points in the game, with one touchdown coming off a recovered fumble.
“We got a turnover and put it in the end zone,” Gann said. “In the middle of all of it, we had some positives. But we’ve got too many mistakes.”
Gann also gave due credit to the Cougars.
“They’re pretty good and they’ve got good speed,” Gann said. “Combine that with our mistakes and it’s not good.”
Still Gann sees potential in the young Rams.
“We’re close, really close to having some big, big plays,” Gann said. “But one miscue, one dropped pass and that’s when the frustration comes in.”

Hosting the ‘Noles
The Rams are working this week to prepare for the Smithville Seminoles Friday. The ‘Noles (5-2, 3-1) are coming off a loss to Coffeeville and Gann feels like they will want to take their frustration out on the next team on the schedule.
“We’ve got to figure out a plan against Smithville,” Gann said. “And they’ll be mad because Coffeeville beat them. This is the time of the season where we’re kind of bunged up ourselves but we’re trying to fight through it.”web ram