Dear Editor,

I am very upset over how the City of Houston has gone down in beauty. When I was growing up this was a beautiful little town.

I am appalled at how the Mayor has let beautiful streets be turned into a ghetto. I am so ashamed of Jamison Street. This street was one of the most beautiful streets in Houston – back in the day, it was once called “Silk Stocking Street.”

Driving down this street, you have let riff-raff tear up the homes – cars and trash line the yards and porches. You have rented these people homes and beautiful yards to tear up – the once pretty homes and yards are no more.

Pontotoc Street is a shame, also.

You need to get in your car and drive around Houston and you will see for yourself. You need to make a lot of new laws.



L.E. Riley,

Tupelo, Miss.


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  • I think that these houses and buildings need to be destroyed by the city or county. These people that buy these houses know how to get around not having to fix them so they rent to own them to not be fined themselves. Yards are not kept clean ,old cars and air conditioners left in the yards. Pot holes fill our streets. I thought the prisoners from the prison could do the cleaning and grass cutting without a cost to the city, but I heard it was contracted out to people that bid on the work.

    • jess ellard

      decisions to build or re-build in older sections are made on whether or not the city authorities make provision to encourage or discourage property values. having a deteriating neighborhood insures a property of losing its value, as well as the city losing the tax base. the solution as painful as it seems to the city authorities, is to re-establish basic conviences that were and are taxed and promised, i.e. fire protection, maintained streets and sewers that separate surface run-off from municipal sewage. yes, our early city authorites built and maintained sidewalks, i too believe doing as n. colburn has publically stated as a course worth following. . .