EDITORIAL: Pointing the way



The Chickasaw Development Foundation gathered last week to adopt a new mission statement.

The nay-sayers may scoff at the words on paper and say it doesn’t mean much. We beg to differ.

The key to building a community – or anything in this world – is first to have a plan and then to work that plan with all your might.

The Chickasaw Development Foundation’s plan has been presented to the community in the form of its new mission statement.

The President of the CDF Board of Directors, John Walden, may have said it best.

“The old one has been around since 1953 and has served us well. But times have changed and the new mission statement gives a stronger direction to our leaders and this organization.”

The new direction will hand industrial development off to the Pontotoc/Union/Chickasaw County Alliance that was formed more than a year ago to give a regional approach to attracting big industry and jobs to town. That was a smart move then. It is still the smart choice.

The thrust of CDF will now be to address problems the community faces by looking them squarely in the eye and then developing solutions and a plan of action to solve each.

Houston, Houlka, Woodland and Chickasaw County face a number of obstacles; a high dropout rate in our schools, high teen pregnancy, soft sales tax base, unskilled workforce, high unemployment, unsightly property, water quality issues, racial issues, school discipline issues and the age old quality of life concerns of not enough restaurants, not enough shopping and not enough for our kids to do on Friday and Saturday night.

But it is easy to make a list. It’s a little harder to find solutions and some times it is very expensive and time consuming to find the people and the resources to check those problems off.

Hard data and information is being gathered to determine exactly how critical and real some of these problems are.

The Chickasaw Development Foundation has a history of facing problems and finding solutions for this community.

Houston is blessed with hard working people who want to make their part of the world better.

The Chicksaw Development Foundation’s new mission statement will help point the way and let us get to work.


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