Returning to the diamond

25 years ago, the girls at Houston High School embarked on a new venture – to the softball field – with Glen Chisolm tapped to field the first team in school history.
“Ricky Allen walked up to me at the fair and said, ‘If we get softball, will you coach it?’ We ain’t got any money,'” remembered Chisolm who also taught at the school.
Chisolm had coached girl’s city league softball and had a daughter who wanted to play, so he agreed.
The first team hit the field in 1988, playing slow-pitch, and had great support from the players, then and now.
“That was the very first Houston High School team,” said Leslie Gann McMullen. “Most of us had played summer league together since elementary school. We had some good times and made some great memories.”
Kim Springer Poteete agreed the experience made a lasting impression and her favorite part was, “playing with girls that I have made life-long relationships with.”
This fall, the City of Houston Park and Recreation department offered adult softball for men and women which brought some of the former players back together.
“Five of us originals played together on the Back in Black team,” said Heather Boyer, adding the friendships she made on the high school team have endured the test of time.
Through the years, players all seem to agree that bonding took place in the dugout, on the field and on the bus.
“Rides home after we won a big division game,” said Hannah Wilson of her favorite memory. “We would all sing and yell to the top of our lungs, typical girls. I’d give anything to go back to those days.”
Dominique Moore said she remembers the closeness of the team.
“I liked to play with my team mates which are my family,” Moore said.
And Jayme Peel Rowlett said she is looking forward to returning to the field.
“The girls I played ball with are still some of my favorite people,” Rowlett said.
Now, all former members of the Houston High School softball team are invited to return to the field for a home run derby and alumni game Nov. 2. The event is a fund raiser for the current program and is open to the public to watch.
And a good time is promised to all.
“We’re going to have a blast, so please come join us,” Poteete said. “After being involved in the fall league with the city this year, I found out I can still hit and field, but running is another thing.”web softball alum