BILLY McCord: As I see it

Last week I encouraged you to watch the weather for last Saturday and Sunday for some chilly weather based on the Old Farmers Almanac’s prediction for frost Oct. 19. Ann is now bringing in some potted plants while I am assuring her it is not going to frost on this date. The good thing about this is I can report what happened before I punch the button to send the article to the papers who carry this column. I will not forget to do that.
As I promised, here is the report of Sunday morning weather in and around the Bruce area. If you were depending on the Old Farmers Almanac, you win. There was frost in Bruce on my street and many others. I saw frost in many places on my way to Shady Grove United Methodist Church Sunday, so give in to the old Farmers Almanac this time for being correct.
This week ended much better than it could have. The President and Congress opened up the government which put many people back to work. It seemed to have settled the nerves of many people which increases the confidence in our government. I know that this is no permanent fix but it relieves the pressure many people were feeling. I know we need to end deficit spending but I will be the first to say I do not know how.
Our economy is so shaky now the least adjustments can send us in a big uproar. For those who told me you would vote for me for President, I am humbled to say the least, but I must decline. Folks would talk about me just as I talk about the officials today. I don’t believe I could get accustomed to answering to “Mr. President” anyway.
I think the coming of Facebook as a social media has been good for a lot of people. I enjoy chatting with friends and neighbors plus the sharing of pictures almost as soon as they are made is great. But like everything else, it can be used for good things and as a source of evil. As I was looking at FB recently I read some vulgar language that should never have appeared in FB. I could not believe that this kind of language was out for everyone to read including children.
I am so very glad I was raised by a Christian mother and daddy that knew their role as parents and we knew our role as children. We most definitely would not be on FB or other social medias behaving in ways I saw.
It is my opinion that we need to use FB appropriately or not be allowed to use it at all. This probably will not happen because this nation is not a God-loving and fearing nation it once was. I do believe we have forgotten that we were founded on a trust in God.
I think this principle is very important in the return to the nation it once was.
Thank each of you for reading this column this week. I hope you enjoy the cool weather. I heard a lady complain today and was ready she said for warm weather.
She has a while for her wish to be granted.

Billy McCord is a retired school administrator and a United Methodist Minister. He is Pastor of Shady Grove United Methodist Church in Calhoun County. He represents District 3 on the School Board, and is President of the Calhoun County School Board. Contact him at P.O. Box 337, Bruce, MS 38915 or by e-mail at

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