LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Laura Funderburk


Dear Editor,

As a citizen (and there is no other title that I can claim to hold) of the United States, but a citizen with at least a small amount of commonsense, I find the strategy of certain Democrats to refuse concessions concerning our budget to be irresponsible. Several years agok our current President bashed Bush (and I must say here that Bush showed no responsibility in the area of finances!) over the fact that Bush had incurred 4 trillion dollars worth of debt. In two years alone, President Obama more than doubled Bush’s financial errors and has done nothing to reduce our debt. Are we ignoring the fact that now our debt has been more than tripled (or is it quadrupled) to a whopping 16 trillion dollars during this current administration? Talk about irresponsible! And didn’t President Obama once say that unless he cut our debt in half, he did not deserve to be re-elected?

A question was asked “Where would we be today if we did not have Social Security for the elderly?” I am 46 years old. My question is, “Since Social Security is bankrupt, will I even get a Social Security check when I am elderly?” Bald-faced lies and misrepresentations have also been told by individuals in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act in an effort to mislead the public. So the Health Care Act was used as a “hostage” to (hopefully) pass a balanced budget. How often has our President used the military as a “hostage” to pass a totally unacceptable budget that funds “pet programs.” I think that it is commendable that the Republicans would place on their bargaining table the Affordable Health Care Act.

Please read carefully the facts listed below:
1. Our government has withheld millions of dollars in Medicare payments form hospitals across the United States in order to (eventually) bring them totally under governmental control. Why have the funds been withheld? Because of “improper charting.” Who receives Medicare? Our elderly and some disabled. Who will eventually suffer? Our elderly and disabled.

2. If the Health Care Act is so wonderful, why are members of Congress and their staff exempt from it when the new law requires (Section 1312) that all members of congress and their staff must either get their health care coverage from a health care plan created by Obamacare or through an Obamacare exchange?

3. The cheapest plan undr Obamacare has a deductible of $5,ooo.

4. Obamacare subsidizes abortion coverage, despite the meaninglesspaper signed stating otherwise in the presence of Congressman Stupak.

5. The working hours of employees across the nation have been cut as businesses cannot afford what the new Heath Care law forces them to comply with.

6. Obamacare will add $6.2 trillion in red ink over 75 years in independent experts are right.

7. Nothing simple to it–Applying for Obamacare is a 21 page process, which is more daunting than doing taxes.

8. $800 billion in tax hikes imposed by ObamaCare will end up hiting the middle class, including $45 billion in mandate penalties, $19 billion raised by limiting medical expense deductions, $24 billion through strict limits on flexible spending accounts, plus another $5 billion because ObamaCare bans using FSAs to buy over-the-counter drugs.

9. Look up more facts for yourself.

I will end with the words of Thomas Paine. “The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

Laura Funderburk
Houston, Miss.

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