Breaking bad in Houston


I have noticed a lot of toilet paper in the trees around Houston this fall.

The paper is way up high in some of those trees and probably couldn’t have blown up there. The lower branches are heavily draped and it’s obvious that paper didn’t simply fall from the sky

My guess is birds flying south for the winter have contracted some type of wasting disease and being the nice clean animals that birds are, they are simply practicing good personal hygiene.

But then again it could be just a bunch of teenagers trying to break the boredom of growing up in little ole Houston.




I have never been one to go all out to celebrate Halloween.

Yes, my parents let me dress up and go beg for candy. I let my boys make the rounds of the neighborhood and I even enjoy the loot for a couple of days thereafter.

But we are not the ones who spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations, we don’t answer the door looking like death warmed-over and we shut it all down about 8 p.m.

I have been known to go to Halloween parties, but I prefer harvest festivals.

Don’t fool yourself. There is a sinister and even satanic side to Halloween.

In Dallas the animal shelters do not give away cats for two weeks leading up to Halloween. Bigger cities usually report some kids getting poisoned by some sicko giving out tainted candy. Houston – yes, our Houston – usually wakes up on Nov. 1 to find some kind of vandalism or mishap has happened to someone they know.

Like I said, I prefer to celebrate with a harvest festival.




I’ve always felt if you give kids a choice between doing something good and doing something bad, they will usually do what is good.

We are glad to see downtown merchants, the Chickasaw Development Foundation and First United Methodist Church team up to offer Spooktacular Boo Bash this Halloween.

A story found elsewhere in this paper gives the details. Other local churches are doing something on Wednesday night.

Again, give people the choice to do what is right and they usually will.

Will Halloween go off without a hitch downtown? Probably.

I do know there will be lots of parents and grandparents with open eyes and ears at all these public events. We should never leave all the policing up to Billy and Jimmy.

Good communities are made up of good people who step up and call the cops when they see someone making a bad choice. That includes walking around town at night with a roll of toilet paper.




Rolling yards is a right of teen passage.

I did it one time. (Well, maybe more than once!)

The teachers name was Emma Strickland, she lived around the corner and she taught 5th grade science.

She also had a waist-high, wrought iron fence.

I had just finished decorating that fence when she stepped out on the porch with a flashlight and shined it on me. I fled the scene.

I remember how scared I was going into her classroom the next day. She knew it. I knew it. I felt so bad about it. Mrs. Strickland was a good teacher and she liked me. It was wrong.


Coming Clean


Ingram boys were also known to soap windows, throw water balloon and we even rang a few doorbells and hid in the bushes. Ingram boys are not perfect. They are boys and all boys are known to do stupid, silly things.

I’ve heard of one Houston yards that has been rolled four times this fall. It seems they have a teenage daughter.

Some people even say getting your yard rolled now days proves you are part of the “social elite” at good ole Houston High. A lot of things have changed since I was a kid.

It seems to me as long as you don’t do permanent damage, you don’t target the elderly, you don’t steal from a public restrooms and you don’t have malice in your heart, it’s not that bad.

I do believe if you are caught you need to pay for your dastardly deed and clean it all up.

As I have said before, I’m glad I’m raising my family in Houston.

I guess there are worst thing our kids could be doing in Houston on Halloween night.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at


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