EDITORIAL: Red Ribbon Week


Area schools concluded Red Ribbon Week recently and we hope the community got the message.

Red Ribbon Week is aimed at students from kindergarten through fifth grade, and seeks to instill in them the facts that drug abuse is bad, drug abuse hurts people and drug abuse can kill you.

Schools in Houston, Okolona and Houlka have expanded their program to include high school students and that decision makes good sense to us. We hope parents and the movers and shakers in our community took note, too.

Drug abuse is a problem in Chickasaw County.

Last week’s Chickasaw Journal included a story on Celebrate Recovery starting a local chapter to help people beat addiction. This faith-based program seeks to show people how to beat their habit after they come to the realization of how their addiction has wrecked their life.

We applaud local schools for educating our children about the dangers of drugs and trying to stop drug abuse before it happens. We applaud local churches for shining a light on a better way of life and showing us all there is always hope for those who truly want to change and kick their old habits.

Our schools and our churches have their work cut out for them.

Like we said earlier drug abuse in a problem in Chickasaw County.

We urge our law enforcement officials to constantly respond to information about the sale and use of illegal drugs in our community. We would like to point out it has been several years since a major drug roundup was conducted in Chickasaw County.

We beg our judges and court officials to come down hard on those convicted of possessing and selling drugs. We would like to point out a court docket with the decisions of local courts is published in today’s Chickasaw Journal.

And last but not least, we are calling on people in Houston, Okolona, Houlka and all across Chickasaw County to help in the fight against drugs. We urge you to call police and deputies when you suspect drug traffic in your community. We urge you to call your school principals and school board trustees if you suspect your children are being exposed to illegal drugs.

We will say it a third time: Drug abuse is a problem in Chickasaw County.

Let’s all work together and do all we can every time we can to stop the pain and suffering brought on us by illegal drugs in Chickasaw County.

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