FLOYD INGRAM: Just say “Thanks”

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Halloween is over and that means next stop is Thanksgiving.

I noticed several churches in the area are doing some kind of “Days of Thanksgiving” countdown to Nov. 28. Life is hard, but a quick look around shows we truly do have a lot to be thankful for in Chickasaw County.

I get so fed up with the people who have such a negative outlook on life. Yes, we have our problems around here. I’ve got my problems, too.

But oh! When I look at how I am blessed, I have every reason to be thankful.




Ask any athlete and they will tell you they would rather be lucky than good.

In sports the ball bounces a lot of strange directions. All games have rules, we play by those rules and the winners are rewarded.

Houston has made it to the playoffs in football again this fall.

The story on Houston’s game with Noxubee County on our sports pages explains the formula and details.

I’ve never been very good at math. I’m just thankful.

We’ll see you in Greenwood Friday night.


Crop Report


We had a very late spring and it put a lot of farmers behind at planting time.

Anyone who has ever put any kind of seed in the ground knows how critical weather is at planting time.

Thankfully the delay was backed up by moderate temperatures and good rains the rest of the season.

My church buddies are quick to say they don’t believe in luck. I will be the first to say in matters of weather, I don’t believe in luck either.

Folks around here know who sends the rain.

Agriculture is the driving force in the economy of Chickasaw County. There are more dollars spent and made that are linked to agriculture and farming than any other segment of the economy. Yes, manufacturing is second and it is followed closely by healthcare and education/government.

But a good growing season will make Christmas for a lot of families in our community.

I’m thankful for the harvest.


Solar Car


The Houston Solar Car team got a check for $10,000 last week and that is good news for that program.

I’ve said it a jillion times in this space and I’ll say it again – deep pockets solve lots of problems.

I want to personally thank our local VFW post for making the contacts that put our solar car team in touch with the VFW folks at the state and regional level.

As the story in last week’s paper said, it was a presentation by our solar car kids to the VFW post in Columbus that greased the wheels for this check.

I’m thankful for a smart group of solar car kids and I am also thankful for those who see how they bring honor and recognition to our schools, our community and our state.


Veteran’s Day


We celebrate Veteran’s Day on Monday.

And while it looks like things are winding down in Afghanistan and Iraq, I would like to remind people we have folks from Chickasaw County who are in the Middle East today serving this country.

I hope our veterans will attend the planned events at local schools next week.

I hope this community will always be thankful for those who have given so much of themselves.

Sometimes the most powerful words are the simple ones.

Sometimes all we truly need to say is “Thanks.”


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be reached at 456-3771 or via email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com

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