Join the pack

Over 30 children and youth, along with their parents, attended the initial registration for Cub Scouts and Boys Scouts in Troop 19 in Houston Nov. 12, but there’s still plenty of time to join.
Representatives from the Pushmataha Area Council held an informational meeting to explain the program and how it works.
Micah Huffman went over the structure of scouting explaining that boys from first grade through ten-years-old are separated into dens by grades with a parent serving as a den leader and periodically join together for group activities as a pack. The pack is led by a Cub Master.
“Separating them by grades puts them with their peers,” Huffman said. “They tend to work better with peers their own age.”
Cubs work through stages of Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webeloes before making the transition to Boy Scouts.
Boys over ten-and-a-half years of age move into a Boy Scout troop, led by a Scout Master.
Council Executive, Jeremy Whitmore, explained some of the special activities Cub Scouts are involved in including the annual Pinewood derby, Blue and Gold banquet, day camp and family camp outings at Camp Seminole in Starkville, but also emphasized the overall goal of scouting.
“It’s fun with a purpose,” Whitmore said. “The goal is to build character and citizenship, among other qualities.”
Parents of interested scouts were asked to attend a leadership training meeting Tuesday to help them better understand the program and the parental participation involved.
Regular meeting days and times have not been set yet, but organizers are hoping to have a schedule soon and registration is still open.

Making the transition
Curtis Hollingsworth will serve as interim Scout Master for Boy Scout Troop 19 and registration is also open, although there are limited spots available.
Troop 19 will meet the first Saturday of each month at the Scout Hut in Houston from 8 a.m. until noon and will participate in a service project or field trip the third Saturday of each month.
For more information on Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts, call the council office at 328-7228.web scouts