Eagles close in playoffs

The Hebron defensive numbers don’t look like a losing effort, but the Eagles were out-run by the Confederates on the offensive side of the ball.
Coach David Foster and his team knew they were up against a tough Sharkey team before they made the trip to Rolling Fork for North Half.
The Feds won over the Eagles earlier in the regular season and Foster gave his team a heads-up.
“I told the kids early, you’ll see them again,” Foster said. “If we make playoffs, you’ll see them at North Half.”
The Confederates speed worked in their favor and against the Eagles.
“We couldn’t match them,” Foster said. “They have a high-power offense. If they got a hole or an opportunity we didn’t have anyone who could race with them.”
The Eagles held the Confederates scoreless through the first quarter, but the Feds went up 14-0 at the half and added to their lead for a 30-0 win.
“They did some things that disrupted what we could do,” Foster said. “Their speed allowed them to take some chances.”
Despite the loss, Foster is proud of his team for digging in and making the second round of playoffs.
“Our kids played hard and they had a good year,” Foster said of the 8-4 Eagles. “They need to be proud of what they did. We probably went further than a lot of people thought we would.”
But at the end of any game, one outcome is certain.
“There’s only going to be one team that wins,” Foster said.


By the numbers
Justin Gordon, 56 yard rushing
Collin Moore, 11 yards rushing
Channing Tapley, 13 yards rushing

Collin Moore, 13 tackles
Troy Arnold, 13 tackles
Landon Hill, 12 tackles
Jesse Moore, 7 tackles
Justin Gordon, 6 tackles
Taylor Simmons, 6 tackles
Hayden Carty, 6 tacklesweb foot heb