Hilltopper football awards

The Houston High School football banquet was held Nov. 21 with several players receiving awards and a few getting nods in multiple categories.
Zach White took home four awards including the Bones award for defense and the Todd Hardin Memorial award for character, not only on the football field, but also in the classroom and community.
Junior Denver McQuary was named Offensive MVP, Nate Smith was chosen Defensive MVP and seniors White and Smith both received the Hilltopper Award.
The Hilltoppers ended their season in the first round of playoffs and averaged 77.8 tackles and 126.5 rushing yards per game. The team racked up 29 sacks and 11 interceptions during the season.
2013 award winners include:
Most Outstanding Wide Receiver, Denver McQuary
Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman, Nick Harmon
Most Outstanding Running Back, Damien Fields
Most Oustanding Defensive Lineman, Avery Seals
Most Outstanding Linebacker, Nate Smith
Most Oustanding Defensive Back, Denver McQuary
Most Outstanding Scout Team Player, Voc Valentine
Most Oustanding Special Teams Player, Tanner Bullock
Most Improved Wide Receiver, Jerell Hamilton
Most Improved Offensive Lineman, Chapman Boyer
Most Improved Offensive Back, Zach White
Most Improved Defensive Lineman, Devin Murphy
Most Improved Linebacker, Tay Bowden
Most Improved Defensive Back, Jalon Gates
Offensive MVP, Denver McQuary
Defensive MVP, Nate Smith
Hilltopper Award, Zach White and Nate Smith
Bones Award, Zach White
Hardin Award, Zach Whiteweb foot award