LISA VOYLES: Get your hunt on!


I’m not a hunter, never have been, but I know a lot of people who are and it’s just fine with me.
No one in my immediate family was big on hunting so I just never learned as a child and now I’m way too lazy to start.
However, having been raised in the suburbs of Hot Air a good part of my life, I have watched orange-clad hunters run up and down the gravel roads looking for the perfect spot to get in the woods or let the dogs out.
Also, having driven rural country roads for the majority of my days, I’ve had several near misses and one head-on collision with deer.
The latter probably accounts for most of my enthusiasm for hunting. I say raise the bag limits and y’all have at it! Hopefully that will keep the deer out of my truck grill.
I have eaten some deer and I’m not particularly impressed with most that I’ve tried, but I understand it’s an aquired taste and depends a lot on who is doing the cooking. My co-worker, Teresa, has brought us deer jerky and my son is very fond of it. So fond, I’ve never gotten a taste of it. My cousin-in-law, Jimmy Loper, makes a mean deer sausage that the whole family loves. So I’m not against eating deer, I’m just a little out of the loop.
I talked with a couple of folks over the Thanksgiving holiday about deer hunting, why they go and how they got started. The common denominator was family bonding, tradition and enjoying the beauty of nature. When something starts out on those three principles, there must be a positive aspect to it.
But I still think it’s too early and too cold for this old girl.
Happy hunting to the rest of you!

Lisa Voyles is Managing Editor/Sports for the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771 or via email to


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