Civil War artifacts sought for Museum display


HOUSTON – The nation is celebrating the 150-year anniversary of the Civil War and the Chickasaw County Historical Society and its museum are seeking to do their part.

The Historical Society is looking for Civil War photos, letters, diaries, artifacts and memorabilia to place in a special display at the Chickasaw County Museum next year.

“We have a member who expressed an interest in doing this and our board is sending out the call to the community,” said Larry Davis, President of the Chickasaw County Historical Society. “We have been very pleased with what the community has brought us since we opened the Museum and hope this public request will turn up some interesting artifacts.”

Davis said the Historical Society does not need to keep a photo and will gladly make a copy for museum archives.

“If someone wants to donate the originals to us for safe-keeping, that’s great,” said Davis. “Our main concern is to document what it out there.”

Preservers of history point out photos, letters and artifacts can be destroyed in a house fire, crumble with neglect or be simply thrown in the trash when someone dies and family comes in to clean out the attic.

“Often time what happens is someone dies and family divides up letters, artifacts and Civil War memorabilia,” said Davis. “Once a collection is broken up, it’s hard to get it back together and it loses so much of its value.”

Davis also said the Historical Society has access to Civil War experts and can help holders of history figure out exactly what they have.

“Pictures of your ancestors can be one of them either in or out of uniform at any time up until their death,” said Davis. “It can also be a picture of them in either a group or family portrait.”

The American Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865 and the Historical Society hopes to put together its display this spring.

“This is a great way to share what you have with the community,” said Davis. “We keep meticulous records on where photos and artifacts come from and always identify the donor.

“Making a donation to us is the perfect way to preserve your history and make that history available to all the community,” he added. “What people don’t often realize is your history is so important to this entire county and state.”

Davis also pointed out the holiday season is the perfect time for family to quiz kinfolk about old photographs and artifacts.

To have photos copied and artifacts documented, please contact one of the following people with the Chickasaw County Historical Society:

• N. Colburn – 448-0413.

• Sally Beaty – 456-3413.

• Joe or Libba Criddle – 456-6657.

• Robert Porter –

• Richard or Shirley Sisk –

• James Clark – 456-5255 or email to

• Larry Davis – 456-9787 or email to

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