LOCAL FOCUS: Houlka Food Store


Houlka Food Store has been serving Houlka and the surrounding area from its location at the intersection of Highway 32 and Highway 15 for 18 years.

Owner David Pearce said the business is so much more than a simple convenience store and he has always tried to offer that little something extra to make it a special place to do business.

“We have people who have been coming in here every day for 18 years like clockwork,” said Pearce. “They make us part of their morning as they head to work or part of their afternoon as they head home. Those people mean a lot to me and my business.”

Pearce said Houlka Food Store has the stuff you find at a typical convenience store: cokes, candy, potato chip, nabs and all those snacks and goodies that can make the day a little better.

“I don’t think people realize what all we do sell in here,” said Pearce. “We are sort of like the old neighborhood grocery. If you need it we probably sell it.”

And the Houlka Food Store also offers plate lunches at noon five days a week and a full restaurant on Friday and Saturday night.

“We are real proud of our steak and fish and it’s some of the best around,” said Pearce. “We can fix your steak just like you want it and offer you a good selection of side orders.”

And Houlka Food Store has a coffee crowd, too. The morning crowd holds “court” from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. The afternoon bunch starts coming in about 3 p.m. to solve the world’s problems.

Houlka Food Store also offers gasoline and diesel at competitive prices that are often lower than surrounding communities.

“It’s easy to say we believe in service, but it really is a big part of our business,” said Pearce. “We work hard to earn your business and we work even harder to keep it.”


Local Focus is a regular business feature of the Chickasaw Journal. Locally owned businesses wanting to be included in Local Focus should call the Chickasaw Journal at 456-3771.

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