Police report rash of car burglaries


HOUSTON – A series of car break-in has prompted local law enforcement to warn local residents not to leave anything of value in their vehicle.

Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles said the culprits broke into one car in broad daylight but appear to be cruising city neighborhoods at night looking for unlocked cars.

“They broke a window of a car in the First Methodist Church parking lot and stole a purse on the seat,” said Voyles. “We were able to get some video from the security camera of a local business and we are looking for a red sedan.”

Voyles said the incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon and he feels someone saw it or at least knows something about this,” said Voyles. “The only way we can keep crime down is if people will report it to us. I want to remind people anything they tell us is confidential.”

Voyles also urged people to call 911 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-773-TIPS (8477). Calls to CrimeStoppers that leads to an arrest can prompt a cash reward.

Voyles said it also appears that someone is going around at night and getting in cars.

“They are going up on carports and up to parked cars on driveways and seeing if the door is unlocked,” said Voyles. “They get inside and look for things of value.”

Voyles said people often leave gifts in their car during the holiday season and this can tempt burglars.

“We also beg people not to leave their purse or cash in their car,” said Voyles. “Houston is a safe place and most people feel their car is safe in their driveway.

“But until we catch this thief we are asking people to make sure they lock their car, take their valuables out of them and never leave their keys in their car,” said Voyles. “These kind of thieves are looking for an opportunity and if you take a little precaution, they will go somewhere else.”

Voyles said they currently have four car-break-ins under investigation.

“Please call us if you get broken into,” said Voyles. “And if you hear something outside at night or your dog starts barking, call us immediately. We don’t mind coming by and checking it out.”


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