LETTER: Glenn & Sandra Willis

Open letter to the Houston Fire Department,    BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stock

Thank you, thank you, thank you  for saving the Willis family from our own stupid mistakes.

You saved our Christmas season!   So naturally you were the topic of conversation at our Christmas gatherings.   Relief washed over us when all those big red fire trucks arrived.  Your prompt, professional attention to our hay fire reassured us that you knew what you were doing.  Our personal need of the Houston Volunteer Fire Department made us appreciate your physical and mental work.

Simple words like thank you can never fully express our appreciation for all of your hard work. A successful burn response does not just happen. It requires years and years of planning, training and hard work prior to and after the big event. We are grateful to you for being willing to take on such responsibilities. To say that it was a huge success is a major understatement.  You saved our neighbor’s homes.   We did not doubt you would be able to help us.  But I must confess we never dreamed you could get the situation under control so quickly.

One of our greatest blessings was to grow up as a part of this community. Youngsters do not realize the importance of being surrounded by strong, active public servants. That realization only comes with age. How fortunate we were to be reared among people with such deep service principles.  For the loving guidance you share so willingly year after year as you help to mold young people’s character, we are deeply grateful.  They will continue to serve for years to come.

We were amazed by your abilities and resourcefulness. No challenge was too great for you.  As we watched you work so tirelessly for our family, we wondered how we would ever be able to live up to your high standards.  Again we thank all of you for your love and service to our community.


May God bless you as richly as you have blessed us.

Respectfully yours,


Glenn and Sandra Willis

Houston, Miss.


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