Pay up!


HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors opened the new year with a new idea for collections through Justice Court.
Melanie Mayer of nCourt electronic collection service addressed the board about a convenient online method for residents to pay fines, some tickets and fees. Some tickets, including DUI tickets, require a court appearance and cannot be paid until a court date has been completed.
nCourt is an electronic payment provider and will set up a payment website for the county that can be used for credit and debit card payments. Currently, fines must be paid in cash or by money order at the Courthouses. The website offers an alternative to making a trip into Houston or Okolona to make payments.
“They can go in on the website and pay by credit card,” said Justice Court Clerk Lynn Taylor. “We’re trying to make it more convenient.”
nCourt will not charge the county for the service and also offers a toll-free phone number that can be used to make payments for those without Internet access.
“It’s no cost to the county,” said Chancery Clerk Wanda Sweeney. “The company will send the fines to the county weekly by check.”
The website was planned to be operational by Jan. 10.
In other actions, the board
– Elected David Gene Walters Board President for the upcoming term with Jerry Hall as Vice-President
– Approved employment of Gary Carnathan as interim board attorney
– Approved employment of county personnel
– Approved employment of Edward Lancaster as Public Defender.


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