Cold prompts high demand on TVA

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HOUSTON – Natchez Trace EPA is urging local customers to turn their thermostat down and avoid using non-essential electric appliances during this current cold spell.

TVA notified Natchez Trace Thursday morning that the cold weather that has swept the Southeast has reduced its capacity to provide on-demand electricity during peak morning and evening hours.

“We expect this reduction to be lifted by Friday evening,” said Norma Kilgore, Natchez Trace EPA General Manager. “We are specifically asking for help during the morning when everyone wakes up and at night when they are asleep.”

Kilgore said a 1-degree reduction in your thermostat setting can save a customer up to 3-percent on their electric bill.

“It’s always a good idea to practice good energy management, but we need a little extra help right now,” said Kilgore. “It’s simple things like turning off lights that you don’t need, not running your dryer, washer or stove if you don’t have to, and turning down that thermostat at night when you are asleep.”

Natchez Trace EPA customers seeking more ways to reduce energy consumption can call 456-3037 during regular business hours or 456-6185 in an emergency.


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