Police make arrests in car burglaries


HOUSTON – Two arrests have been made in a series of holiday crimes in Houston.

The Houston Police Department arrested Robert Holmes, Jr., of Webster County, for two auto burglaries, burglary of a commercial building and vandalism. He was placed in the Chickasaw County Jail and later released on bond.

Police have also arrested Eric Hoskins, of Eupora, for a high profile auto burglary where a purse was stolen from the First United Methodist Church parking lot during broad daylight over the Christmas holidays. Hoskins is currently in the Chickasaw County Jail under $5,000 bond.

“We arrested Robert Holmes for the auto burglaries behind Walmart, breaking in Ware Milling and vandalism of school buses,” said Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles. “He and some juveniles were just walking around over the Christmas holidays and started doing this.”

Voyles said police recovered all items stolen in the First United Methodist Church auto burglary except for the victims purse and cell phone.

“We are still following up some leads in these incidents and will be making more arrests if the evidence warrants it,” said Voyles. “I want to thank my officers for good police work and I want to thank the community for their assistance and patience in solving these crimes.”


Clay County burglary


A Houston man has been arrested by Chickasaw County deputies and Houston Police officers on charges stemming from a burglary in Clay County.

“We were called by the Clay County Sheriff’s Department about a burglary at Murray’s Grocery in Clay County and told about a vehicle from Chickasaw County that was spotted in the vicinity at the time of the crime,” said Voyles. “We ran a check and went to the home of DeVonta Bynum and attempted to talk to him.”

Voyles said as Houston Investigator Robert Ivy approached Bynum Sunday afternoon, Bynum fled and ran into the woods. Bynum was later spotted by Chickasaw County Deputy Adam Harmon who also chased the suspect down a road before making the arrest.

Bynum was subdued by tasering.

Bynum was later turned over to the Clay County Sheriff’s Department and has been charged with burglary of a commercial building.

“We are always glad to assist local law enforcement in solving crime,” said Voyles. “There will come a day when we will be asking for their assistance in solving a Houston crime.”




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