BILLY McCord: As I See It


I thank each of you who have asked about my health recently.
While visiting with a man I know quite well, he startled me when he said, “In only a few years, newspapers will be no more.”
Almost in the same breath he said, “In only a few years, there will be no Post Office as we know it today.”
Both of these jabs shocked me for a very good reason. Having grown up in rural Calhoun County, we had no newspapers and had to walk a fair distance to get to our mail box. From the time I could read I wanted a newspaper. From the time I could write I wanted to be able to mail my own envelope to someone. I can still remember the thrill of writing my favorite aunt’s name on an envelope and mother giving me a stamp that would take the envelope to my aunt’s house. The only address needed was her name and the words “At Home” for the address. I cannot imagine what this country would be like without a Post Office and yet this man thinks the Post Office as we know it today will soon be gone.
I had mentioned to my friend that I was looking for a certain headline and could not find it in the newspaper but did locate it on the computer. The gentleman said, “With only a few years to go, the newspaper will be no more.” For someone who loves newspapers like I do this was hard to listen to. Yet the very next day I read an article about a large national newspaper that was having major financial difficulties. A spokesman for the newspaper said they were taking measures to help the financial condition by decreasing the size of the paper. One more plus for my friend’s argument but it does not help my feelings at all. I am a lover of newspapers.
There are those who argue paying the price of a subscription to a newspaper when you can go online for much less. This is true, but in their very best the online newspaper cannot compare with the newspaper spread.
I know the Post Office is not perfect but if you consider the vastness of their assignment they do a good job. I was in a Post Office one day and a lady was really chewing on the Post Mistress about the cost of stamps going up. After all, they were going up three cents. I had gotten tired of listening so I told her it was too much to go up and that she should just take the letter to Jackson and save the postage. The Post Mistress was about to laugh but the lady remained serious. She did not say a word.
My friend does not like computers at all and I do not think he knows how to turn one on. But he notices how easily bills can be paid, inquires made and how quickly this can all be done. He believes the Post Office will lose in favor of computers which are relative inexpensive and gets the job done as quickly as a mouse.
Only time will tell the fate of the newspaper or the Postal service that we know today.
Billy McCord is a retiree from DeSoto County Schools and is Pastor of Shady Grove United Methodist Church. He represents District 3 on the Calhoun County Board of Education. He has just been elected to continue leading the Calhoun County Board of Education as the President of the Board. Contact him at

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