ALDERMEN: One home per lot, no late loitering


HOULKA – Overcrowded lots and loitering around town during the early hours of the morning were addressed by the Houlka Board of Aldermen at their Feb. 4 meeting.
The board approved an ordinance to limit the number of residences that may be allowed on one city lot. An average lot is deemed to be approximately 66-feet wide and 125-feet long and aldermen agreed to limit residences to one per lot. Intances of multiple trailers placed in one lot sparked the ordinance.
“When they get to setting four and five trailers on two lots, it’s too crowded,” said Alderman David Wiggs.
Existing residences, both trailers and homes, will not be affected, but if a residence should burn or be moved, it may not be replaced unless it conforms to the new ordinance.
Alderman also approved an ordinance to prevent late night loitering around town. The ordinance states residents may not loiter on the streets past 10 p.m. on weeknights or past midnight on weekends.

In other business, the board
n Discussed removing a four-way stop sign at 7th Avenue and Main Street. The item died for lack of motion.
n Approved renewal of a Red Cross emergency shelter agreement at the Houlka Community Center.
n Heard a report from Street and Water supervisor David Ray that the current sewer system will not meet DEQ standads set for the end of the year. Mayor Jimmy Kelly and the board agreed to meet with a representative of Cook Coggins, who has been making recommendations for the system, as well as representatives of DEQ to determine a workable plan for the town.

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