It’s the little things


Valentine’s Day 2014 has come and gone around the old Voyles house. Our humble abode was not bombarded with hearts, flowers and candy – again.
But I’m not complaining. Really, it’s ok.
I’ve got a box full of hearts and handmade valentines my son made for me during his elementary school years that still touch my heart. At 14, he’s too young to have a “real job” and he doesn’t get paid for chores around the house because he lives here too and I expect him to work for his keep. I feed and clothe him and that should take care of his salary in my book.
And as lazy as I’ve been all winter, chocolate is absolutely the last thing I need.
The things I did get may not seem in keeping with the holiday of love but they felt like it to me.
My television died so I bought a replacement. My son hooked it all up, programmed it and, very patiently, showed me how to work the remote.
Our mailbox was just about to fall off the post and the rain and ice has kept him from fixing it but Saturday was the perfect time. It now has four new screws and is solidly on its foundation.
Our toilet seat wiggled and was driving me insane. Not anymore. We have a brand new seat, secure and stationary.
All little things, I know, but not one I could – or would – do for myself.
No, it’s not all hearts and roses at our house. But I wouldn’t trade my Valentine’s gifts for anything.

Lisa Voyles is Managing Editor/Sports for the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771 or via email to

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