Cinderella at the ball

A second place showing at North Central Tournament put the Hebron Lady Eagles on their way to State and their first game could have been a major stumbling block.
The Lady Eagles were slated against first-seeded Delta Academy to begin their journey.
“They were the number-one seed and everyone thought they were supposed to beat us,” said coach Bruce Franks. “Not.”
The Hebron girls battled all the way to the buzzer and beyond, clinching a 56-54 win in overtime.
It was a battle of the buckets as Hebron’s Rebekah Falkner led with 28 points, but Delta’s Vaquela Tempton led all scoring with 37.
The win set the Lady Eagles against Claiborne Academy and they fell, 38-55.
“We played, but they’re good,” Franks said. “The second quarter hurt us.”
The loss put the Hebron girls in the consolation round against Carroll Academy, the team that beat them in the North Central Tournament. This time, the Hebron girls got the win.
“Second time, pay-back,” Franks laughed.
Falkner led with 23 points followed by Holly Hudson with 18 and Victoria Ferguson with 16.

On to the Overall
The Lady Eagles performance earned them a spot in the Overall Tournament that pits the top three teams from each division in a quest for the ultimate title.
Hebron will open their play today at 3 p.m. against Leake Academy, playing at Mississippi College.
“We’re playing the number-one team in 2A, Leake,” Franks said. “They’ll probably be full court, man-to-man.”
Always looking ahead, Franks welcomes the competition to make his team stronger.
“It will help us to play the best,” Franks said. “All teams are good in the Overall, especially the top seeds because they are the State champs. It’s an honor to be there. When you get to play against the best and get to see others who are extremely good at what they do, if you watch you can learn a lot.”web hebron