Car repossession leads to drug possession charge in Pontotoc

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Pontotoc Progress

A bad night last week got a lot worse for a Courtland, Miss., man who followed his repossessed pickup truck back to Pontotoc and was arrested by Pontotoc Police for possession of almost eight pounds of marijuana, Police Chief Larry Poole reported.

The incident began on the night of Feb. 24 when a repo company driver from Pontotoc repossessed a pickup truck in Batesville (MS) and headed back to Pontotoc with the vehicle in tow, Chief Poole explained. Poole said that the repo driver realized that the owner of the repo and another man were following him back to Pontotoc.

“He called his wife who called one of our police officers and explained the situation to him,” Poole said. “The man told his wife he was going to come into town on old Highway 6 and turn onto the county jail access road,” Poole said. “When they turned off, our officer was waiting on them and directed both vehicles onto the jail property.”

Poole said that the repo driver handed the policeman a small bag of marijuana he had found on the pickup truck seat.

“When the officer searched the repo vehicle he found seven large bags of marijuana and seven small ones, along with scales and a cell phone,” Poole said.

Police seized approximately 7.7 pounds of marijuana, valued at $13,000, Poole said.

Poole said that the owner of the repo vehicle, 41-year-old Christopher Micheal Sanford, of Old Highway 51, Courtland, admitted the marijuana was his. Sanford was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell (over one kilogram, less than five).

Bond for Sanford was set at $75,000, Poole said.

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